Our Story

Believe you can and you're halfway there.

Our Aster story begins in 2012 in a little town called Ypres, in Belgium. We met at a local pub while James was travelling with the BC Regiment on a Battlefields Tour across Europe. After a brief, long-distance relationship, Lynn decided to immigrate from Belgium to Canada to continue adventures with James, and by 2015 we were married.

Immigration is just one of many challenging roller-coasters we’ve faced. In our years together, we’ve experienced joy, loss, celebration and sadness and we understand how any variety of psychological struggles can influence one’s relationships, family and close network.

That’s why we opened Aster Wellness Centre in 2017. Aster was born out of a natural collaboration & progression in our pursuit of happiness, fulfillment, and a life of authenticity for us both, and for clients like you. Our professional/personal experiences and academic skill-set have allowed us to create a holistic, therapeutic environment that is welcoming for anyone trying to make healthy choices in life.

James and Lynn Aster Wellness Moraine Lake
James and Lynn Aster Wellness lake and dog
Pipa, Unofficial Therapy Dog Aster Wellness

Friends and family describe us as caring, dependable, adventurous, and nature-lovers. These are traits we live by and reflect in the atmosphere at Aster Wellness Centre.

We welcome you to book one of our many services and join our Aster Family. Once in a while you might even get to see our mountain loving, unofficial therapy-dog, Pippa!  

– James & Lynn

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