Amanda Bowers

MCP, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Areas of Focus

Trauma, Highly Sensitive People, Self Harm and Suicidality, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Eating, Self Esteem

Who I Work With

Teens, Young Adults, Adults 



Interesting Facts About Me

I completed two years of Tae Kwon do growing up

I believe guacamole is a food group

My blog is:

Hi, I’m Amanda.


I was born and raised in Cobourg, Ontario, a small town east of Toronto. Staying close to home, I completed my Bachelors at the University of Ottawa in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. 


I then moved to Vancouver in 2013 with a suitcase and no return ticket. An acquaintance had told me it was beautiful out here and that I would fit in just fine because I was fairly granola. Upon mere suggestion and a little research, I decided to follow my gut in trusting she was right. 


I found myself enrolled in the Institute of Holistic Nutrition due to my interest in helping myself and others take care of their bodies and our relationship to food. I graduated as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with some answers and many more questions particularly around the psychology of food. These questions brought me to attend Adler University to pursue a Masters of Counselling Psychology degree.


Before attending Adler, I spent a year working at the Vancouver Crisis Centre, thinking on my feet and supporting individuals through existentially challenging times of distress. During my internship, I worked at a low barrier access centre called Foundry on the North Shore for youth ages 12-24. In this role I supported youth both short and long term with a broad variety of concerns including childhood trauma, complex family relationships, substance use, sexual trauma, individuation, suicidality, anxiety and depression. Continuing my work with youth, I created and facilitated a course at Bodwell High school, teaching students about self regulation, psychology of self and tools to manage distress. While working at the school, I also facilitated a workshop to the staff of Bodwell Boarding regarding how to work with Suicidal Ideation and Self Harm with Youth. 

These experiences continue to inform my work in private practice with youth, adults and couples at Aster.


As a therapist, I believe that insight and self awareness are key to understanding ourselves better and making lasting changes in our lives. This is why a key part of my approach is getting to the root of what’s troubling you, and integrating healing from that place. Having experienced first hand the impact of chronic stress can have on the body, I find it imperative to work on the nervous system and body oriented approaches in counselling to complement talk therapy. I also use a variety of therapies that integrate mindfulness such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Adlerian Therapy which integrates childhood experiences and beliefs that have been carried into our current lives. 


I believe that people are incredibly resilient and have the ability to grow and change even from the most challenging of circumstances. What drives my ongoing passion for this work is knowing firsthand the impact that self knowledge and a compassionate ear can have on someone.



I look forward to connecting with you!

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