Chyanne Smith


Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

Areas of Focus

Anxiety, depression, postpartum struggles, mood disorders, stress, psychotic disorders etc.

Who I Work With




Interesting Facts About Me

I am a pluviophile (a lover of rain)

I love exploring abandoned places

I have a passion for true crime & history

Hi, I am Chyanne!

I feel that it is such an honour to be allowed to share in someone’s journey. I believe that beautiful things grow from vulnerability. I am passionate about exploring both the collective and the very unique experiences we live through. I’ve chosen to pursue counselling with the hopes of building meaningful connections with my clients, reinforcing that you are not alone, and helping to develop the skills you need to manage the ups and downs of life.

I am approachable, passionate, driven, and optimistic. I counsel from a trauma-informed perspective, understand the value of client empowerment, and pride myself in engaging in open and authentic communication. I have worked with individuals who have struggled with depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, addictions, PTSD, post-partum issues, and relationship conflict. I have enjoyed working with adults, teens, and children, as young as 10 years old. I do my best in making uncomfortable conversations comfortable.

My passion in working with this clientele stems from my years in front-line mental health at addictions facilities and supported housing. Working alongside individuals who seemed to be at their lowest, and wishing I had the skills to help them find themselves again motivated me to pursue private practice. Having struggled with depression and PTSD myself, I understand the difference that positive connections and support can make. I am also very interested in working with Moms, as I joined this “club” in 2019 and feel that such a huge time of transition deserves attention.

I hold my Masters in counselling psychology from Yorkville University & my Bachelors of Arts from Simon Fraser University, with a joint major in psychology and criminology. I have extensive experience working with individuals diagnosed with concurrent disorders, specifically those who have been deemed not criminally responsible due to mental disorder (NCRMD). My practice is open to all.

My spare time is typically spent outside with my children & partner. Getting some fresh air, being active, and enjoying the beautiful BC scenery always improves my mental health and helps me reset. I look forward to connecting with you and working collaboratively together to reach your goals.

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