Gabrielle Rougeau

BA, Student Therapist/ RCC pending

Areas of Focus

Who I Work With

Teens, Adults, Couples


 Sundays- 10am – 2pm

Interesting Facts About Me

  •  I love dancing, singing and improv (although I am definitely not a great singer)
  • Oenophile (lover of all things wine)
  • I am obsessed with history (shows, books, travel)
  • I love travelling, learning about different cultures and meeting people

Hi I am Gabrielle! I am currently an elementary school teacher who is working on my Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology at UBC! I was born and raised in the lower mainland and went to UBC for both my undergraduate’s degree and teaching degree and now I am excited to be at UBC finishing up my master’s degree.  I have been working as a French Immersion teacher for the past 10 years in the Coquitlam school district. Before teaching I worked closely training first responders and office staff.  

My first experiences with counselling was as a client and I greatly benefited from the experiences. I enjoyed the ability to talk through my problems, feel supported and learn more about myself through the process. As a teacher I have always valued the relationship I build with my students. These experiences and interests have guided me to pursue a career as a counsellor.

I am vivacious, engaging and live by the principal “laughter is the best medicine”.  I love meeting new people and it is always a priority of mine to try to put people at ease.  I love a good conversation and quality time spent with the people I care about.

As a counsellor my number one goal is to provide a judgement free space where every individual can experience empathy and support. I believe the relationship between the client and counsellor is the catalyst that brings about growth.  I am also a lifelong learner who is always seeking out new modalities to bring into my practice. Hopefully we can work together to experience the change you are looking for.

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