Heather Nyberg

Student Therapist

Areas of Focus

ADHD populations, life transitions (parenthood etc.) and grief work

Who I Work With

Adults only (individual counselling)


Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Interesting Facts About Me

I love soccer and have played for over 35 years non stop. 

I also enjoy taking adult piano lessons, salsa dancing and travelling. 

I will never say no to a piece of chocolate cake!

I grew up in the Tricities and feel at home in the community. I am an avid soccer player and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. I love exploring the local areas to hike and paddle board in the summer, and snowshoe and ski in the winter. Born into an active family, I love passing this sense of adventure on to my own three young children. 

I have a passion for travelling and previously worked in international development on projects all over the world including HIV education projects, distance learning, justice education and more. I spent a year living in Mexico as a fourth grade teacher and love learning about different cultures, trying out new food and experiencing other lifestyles. I also worked as a Spanish translator and enjoy brushing up my language skills whenever I have the chance.

With a natural desire to help others, I was drawn to the counselling profession following my own challenging life transitions. Being a mother was both an amazing experience and also an enormous change in terms of my own personal identity, goals and ambitions. Through my journey of self exploration, I have learned so much about myself and how to navigate life in a healthier and more balanced way. I aim to guide others through this path of self discovery while focusing on each person’s unique strengths and aspirations. 

As I grow as a counsellor, my goal is to continually learn and mold my therapist identity. The foundation of my approach is to meet clients where they are at through an empathic and non-judgemental stance. I like to sprinkle pieces of my personality into session through humour and questioning, while ensuring the client leads in the direction they want to go. Capitalizing on my client’s strengths and finding the clarity they need to move forward is a large part of my counselling framework. Discovering undesirable patterns and gaining insight into one’s life can bring an enormous sense of freedom and opportunity for positive change. 

I look forward to meeting clients and exploring new topics in addition to my interest areas in ADHD populations, life transitions (parenthood etc.) and grief work.

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