James Alexander

09995 – RCC

CD, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Clinic Director of Aster Wellness Centre

Areas of Focus

Anxiety & stress management, trauma (ptsd) & grief recovery, fractured relationships; rebuilding trust for individuals, small groups, and couples therapy based on Bader-Pearson’s developmental model

Who I Work With


Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays

Interesting Facts About Me

Born and raised in the Vancouver area, I have grown up taking full advantage of my surroundings; this spot in the world has always been the region I have wanted to call home.  And yet, I have always had a reason to explore and chase after countless adventures around the world as well.  In 2004, I joined the BC Regiment where I have since served as a Reservist for the Canadian Armed Forces – an endeavor that has rewarded me with opportunities for travel, career advancement, and even finding the love of my life.

Initially completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from SFU , it wasn’t until I began to see the impacts of operational deployments on my colleagues and friends, that I found my path to complete a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology at UBC.  My research focus and interest in soldier-wellness led to my involvement in the Veterans Transition Program which focuses on career progression, stress-relief & resilience, and grief & trauma-survival for first-responders and veterans in Canada.
I have since worked with a variety of groups and populations including child & family services relying on foster-care, survivors of sexual abuse, individuals, families and groups in recovery from substance abuse & addiction, and those in treatment for major psychiatric disorders.
Today I maintain my passion for clinical counselling with our practice, Aster Wellness Centre.  I am also an Associate Therapist for two clinical centres in downtown Vancouver, and I provide consultation to groups such as the Royal Canadian Legion, the Vancouver Police Department, UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, and various small businesses and schools across the Lower Mainland.
Additional Training:

  • Bader – Pearson Couples Training at the Good Life Therapy Centre, level 2
  • Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) Train-the-Trainer Program for the VPD, Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • UBC Psychiatry Mental Health training
  • Group Facilitator at UBC, faculty of Medicine
  • 1 year- internship as a Clinical Counsellor at the BCMSSA clinic
  • Advanced Group Facilitation – Therapeutic Enactment

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