Jessica Lee

Registered Dietitian (RD)

Areas of Focus

  • Intuitive eating and mindful eating approach
  • Client centered Meal Planning
  • Chronic disease management and prevention
  • Diabetes and Diabetes prevention
  • Kidney and kidney disease prevention
  • Heart-related conditions (cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure)
  • Digestive Health: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • Promote Gut health and alleviate GI symptoms 
  • Hormone Health
  • Eating disorder and Disordered eating

Who I Work With

Adults, Seniors, and Healthy individuals interested in disease prevention. 



Interesting Facts About Me

Water and mountains give me peace of mind.

I stayed in India for one month to persuade yoga training, and it opened a new world for me!

I enjoy playing piano on rainy days.   

Mandarin is my first language.

Hello, my name is Jessica Lee, and I am a Registered Dietitian. I’ve been a clinical Dietitian for almost 20 years! 

I currently work at Fraser health, mainly with outpatient clients with chronic kidney diseases, diabetes, and heart disease. 

With a commitment to continuous learning and a client-centered approach, I am dedicated to creating personalized meal strategies that align with medical needs and lifestyle preferences. 

As a certified intuitive eating counselor, I’m guiding you through a transformative journey with a focus on developing a healthier relationship with food. I help you tune into your body’s hunger and fullness cues, break free from dieting mentalities, and cultivate mindfulness around eating. Through personalized sessions, I provide support, encouragement, and strategies to help you embrace intuitive eating, fostering a sustainable and positive approach to nourishment and well-being.

My passion also extends to hormone balance and gut health as I believe in the profound impact on blood sugar levels, alleviate uncomfortable GI symptoms, manage body weight, and help prevent chronic diseases… etc. Additionally, addressing emotional eating and food cravings through these measures can contribute to a more balanced and sustainable approach to your goals. 

My mission? To help you prevent illnesses, optimize organ function, and achieve overall well-being. Join me on the journey to a longer, healthier life through the power of strategic nutrition. 

If you would like to know more about nutrition counselling or have any other questions, please email me at


  • Certified Nutrition Support Clinician® (CNSC®) from Oct 1, 2020 to Dec 1. 2025 
  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Cook 
  • Motivational Interviewing Skills                                                                              
  • Mindful Eating, and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) certificates
  • Registered Yoga teacher (500 hours Yoga Alliance Certified in India) 
  • Reiki practitioner Level 2 (Rishikesh, India)

Discover how you can improve your overall well-being.