Sandra Fraser

Registered Dietitian (RD)

Areas of Focus

Gastrointestinal Health, picky eating, family meal planning, plant-based diets, celiac disease and more. 

Who I Work With

All ages, as nutrition is key at all stages of life.


Fridays (online only)

Saturdays (in-person and online)

Interesting Facts About Me

I have qualified and run the Boston Marathon

I used to live in Queenstown, New Zealand

I often travel to mountainous regions of the world for climbing and mountaineering

Hello, I’m Sandra, a Registered Dietitian (RD) from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I completed my BSc. in Applied Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Mount Saint Vincent University and my dietetic internship with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. I worked in many areas of nutrition such as private practice, hospitals and long-term care. I also work as a clinical dietitian in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority in acute care and long-term care.

I have experience in gastrointestinal health issues such as IBS, IBD and diverticular disease. I can also help with picky eating, family meal planning, plant-based diets, celiac disease and much more.

I love working one on one with individuals to help them achieve their nutrition goals. I have taken additional courses that focus on counselling for behaviour change, as it is my belief that in order to change our health, we must first change our behaviours.

I’m a runner, hiker, climber and mountain lover. In my spare time you can find me scaling the side of a cliff in Squamish or planning my next big mountain adventure.

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