Shellee Mackay

12489- CCC

M.Ed, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) & CCC

Areas of Focus

Anxiety, ​depression, grief, life transitions, relationships

Who I Work With

Children, Teens, adults of all ages


Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays – some weeks vary

Interesting Facts About Me

I am a big fan of historical fiction and true crime

I am a dog person (I love all animals, but dogs are my favourite)

My self-care includes being near water as often as possible.

Hi, I’m Shellee.  I was born and raised in the lower mainland and attended Queen’s university for my undergrad and teaching degree.  I returned to Vancouver and worked as a teacher for over a decade before pursuing my Master of Education in Counselling Psychology at UBC.  

I continue to work in the school system as a counsellor; I work with children and families to foster social-emotional strengths and resiliency.  In my internship with UBC I worked at Jericho Counselling. There I connected with a wide variety of clients from an array of backgrounds dealing with diverse challenges.  I’m excited to be returning to private practice to continue my work with clients.

In my family and in my work, I have encountered anxiety and depression as well struggles with resiliency and life transitions.  As a young person I attended therapy as party of a family approach to supporting a family member struggling with mental illness.   I continued attending therapy for myself by choice as I found the benefits to my life to be measurable and positive. I learned that therapy is beneficial for dealing with problems that arise but also for exploring self and making meaning of one’s unique life journey. I truly believe that meaningful growth, change and understanding can blossom from the connected relationship between therapist and client.

As a therapist I work from a foundation based in relationship and connection.  I see myself as an eclectic therapist who is flexible enough to access a variety of approaches and techniques depending on the individual client’s needs, wants and preferences.  Mindfulness is a practical and helpful approach I espouse for myself that can be beneficial to clients. Its close connection to self- awareness connects naturally to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; which can offer efficient relief as well as insight.  I value the journey as much as the destination; making meaning along the way. Clients may approach counselling to solve a problem or sort out a conflict; however, I believe that clients already contain the skills and strengths to achieve their goals.  I therefore like to work from existing strengths to create solutions collaboratively with clients.
People are powerful and can change their world view to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Through practical skill building and cognitive reframing anxiety and depression can be managed and relieved.  I know through building on existing strengths clients can create self-knowledge and mastery. I believe there is value in owning experiences – both positive and negative in the integration of the whole person.  Even negative and complex heart-aches such as grief can be navigated and processed with the guidance and partnership of the therapist. In life all interactions, big and small, are rooted in relationship. Through various forms of attachment and connection relationships can be navigated and transformed through the therapeutic alliance.

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