Tasha Davidson


Areas of Focus

Life changes, Loss, Grief, Anxiety, Trauma, Interpersonal Relationships, Self-Development, Sex & Intimacy

Who I Work With

Individuals, Couples, Children (12+up)


Tuesdays & Sundays

Interesting Facts About Me

I taught yoga, meditation and mindfulness for over ten years
I am more introverted than most people realize
I love being creative in the kitchen, unwinding with a good book or diving into some “bad” t.v.
Hi! My name is Tasha, and I am originally from Alberta. Growing up, I came to BC almost every summer; each year, it felt more and more like home. I officially picked my life up and moved to Vancouver in 2021.
In turn, I can appreciate making significant life shifts, big transitions, and the stress (both positive and negative) that can come with these changes. My journey includes experiencing life’s ups and downs, whether that be as a business owner or caregiver, as a family member, partner or friend. I can appreciate the challenges that life sometimes provides and, in turn, recognize firsthand how important it can be to have someone in your corner. 
My professional background includes working as a mind-body specialist, combining my love for psychology with my passion for the physical body. Working as a somatic therapist for over ten years, I utilized tools such as yoga, meditation, reiki and personal training/fitness. Witnessing the power of bringing your mind and body together or becoming present and aware of your thoughts and feelings and the sense of empowerment it can bring inspires my counselling approach.
I understand sensations and feelings of overextension, uncertainty, ambivalence, frustration, loss and grief, and I acknowledge how challenging anxiety and trauma (of any sort) can be. I see that life is more like a rollercoaster than an upward and forward momentum, and my goal is to help you ride the ride for the inevitable highs and lows. 
I believe each client is unique, and, in turn, the collaboration between counsellor and client is critical. I want you to feel seen, heard and acknowledged knowing you will not be judged or categorized during this process. While working together, the focus will be on you and your goals; if you can imagine a coach in your corner, I want to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.
I welcome individuals (adults and children), couples and families of all intersectionalities, sexualities and orientations. I work from an anti-oppressive, non-violent lens. 

Discover how you can improve your overall well-being.